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Here are your tips for passing the Garden City Park road test.

GARDEN CITY PARK - Nassau County - New York - DMV road test site information and tips

All road test times are usually from 8:30am until 4pm monday to friday only. Try to arrive early because there is often a long line, and you may spend about a half hour in-line before getting to the front. Be advised that although there is a line, everyone has the same time for the test. Do not be later than ten to fifteen minutes. If you forget your orginal documents such as MV-278 or MV-262 for testing, you will have to reschedule the test.

Wait in line. One of the DMV personnel, the chief examiner, will check your documents before the test begins. You may change drivers after that, but do not leave the student driver alone in the car.

STARTING: When leaving the curb, perform the routine as normal, but be sure to leave when it is safe, not just because the examiner says go. The dreaded stop sign is only twenty feet ahead. Be sure to stop for it, one vehicle at a time. Pass that sign and your test is over in about one minute.

The streets are narrow so be aware of the curb when turning. Your first turn is usually a right. That curb is run over the most frequently. Stop for the red light, and avoid the right on red, so that hitting or going over the curb can be prevented.

If you drive over the curb, you will make two more right turns and the test is over. Next is probably a left turn, right turn into a lane change sequence followed by a left turn off Nassau blvd. Be sure to change lanes ahead of time. Many failures occur because the student attempts a left turn from the right lane, or a right turn from the left lane.

Now lets go back to the beginning of step 2. If you are asked to turn left at the light, watch out for the up-coming one-way street. Listen carefully, because you must eventually go left or right, since the one-way street is straight ahead.

Cunningham Park

The roads here, especially at the start, can be busy between 8 to 9:30 AM, so be careful when leaving the curb. It's ok to cross the double line as you leave since spacing is limited here. There is often a lane change in Garden City Park, but none in Cunningham Park.


Depending on where you live, Wantagh is possible the farthest Nassau County DMV road test location. It is much like Hicksville because the roads are wide and flat, lights have green arrows (sometimes) and visibility is good.


Just like Wantagh, the roads here are mostly flat and wide, with good visibility. In Hicksville you may have to negotiate route 107 - a mulitlane road before making a left turn onto a side street. But just like Wantagh and most other test sites, you will start and finish next to a park.


If you find yourself looking for the easiest test site, then the need to do so is your first indicator that you may need more practice in order to pass the DMV road test and be ready to drive safely. Ask yourself why you need to search out the easiest test site?

The reality is that unless your are looking for the fastest possible road test, it should not matter where you take the DMV road test, because all roads utilize traffic signs, white lines, yellow lines, other vehicles, and curbs.
Like all good students who make themselves teachable, for the road test you need to be cooperative and ready to execute the examiners requests. Do no argue if the examiner says that you failed to do something correctly, such as checking the blind spot. This will surely make the situation worse for you. If you fail, do not be angry at the examiner. A failure may be an indicator of your future driving. If you fail, do not quit, practice and do not wait an excessively long time before trying again. If you failed three times or more, get a driving instructor. Good luck, but most importantly, be prepared! Test your Garden City Park road test knowledge quiz here.

This section responds to questions or comments below this line. All DMV road test appointments are scheduled for that particular road test site. There will be no DMV office there. All road test appointments and site locations are often a few miles away from any DMV offices. The permit test, license renewal and photo for example, are done only at the DMV office.