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How the driver education program works

High school driver education is for students who are sixteen to seventeen years old. It is a structured program that takes four to five months to complete, except in the summer when the program is about one month. You do not have to take driver education in order to get a license. However, unless you complete the program, you can only get a full license after eighteen years old in New York State.

Reasons for taking driver education.

Many students sign up so that they can be fully licensed at seventeen instead of holding a junior license from sixteen to eighteen years old. Also, you may take the program for an insurance discount of ten percent off collision and liability insurance. The benefits of taking a driver education program includes more attention to detail from a certified driving instructor. The driving sessions per person is often shorter than a private lesson, but the program last for about five months. Please be aware that driver education lessons usually include up to four students and no less than two, in the car. Private lessons are much longer per session and will allow the instructor to address more specific driving issues such as anxiety, evaluations, road test readiness, or a refresher for someone who has not driven in many years and still possess a valid driver license.

Driving Task: Highway The DMV does not provide test vehicles for your use. Use an auto school, or your own!

Parallel parking steps are outlined here because so many students obsess about it.

Step 1

Parallel park step -1

line up 2 to 3 feet wide - turn right.

Parallel parking step - 2

wait for bumper pass other - turn left.

Parallel parking step - 3

turn right once - move forward.
STEP 4 The video

Watch how to Parallel park.

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High School DRIVER EDUCATION PROGRAM and information