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Here are some suggestions for choosing a vehicle purchase for a new driver.

New Drivers, auto insurance and driving safely.

New Drivers

The questions that we usually get concerning new drivers are varied, but here is one. image

What is the safest vehicle to purchase for a new driver? The answer may not be what you think. Car insurance is not necessarily based on the safety of the vehicle being driven, but rather on a risk assessment of who is driving that vehicle. So, the safest vehicle should not be dependent on the vehicle itself; but instead, driver quality should definitely be the major factor when considering a vehicle purchase. Any vehicle can be driven unsafely, unless the driver chooses to drive responsibly. Yes, there are size incompatibilities on the road, and being in a smaller vehicle may make you feel vulnerable, but all experienced drivers - considering distractions - can choose to drive safely.

For eample, when purchasing a bicycle no one ever asks, how safe is this bicycle? It is obvious that a bicycle has a large disadvantage when compared to a motor vehicle, and despite this risk, they ride among all types of vehicles on the same road. A bicycle is a vehicle by law and is subjected to the same - VTL - rules as a motor vehicle (Please allow them at least three feet of space when passing). So why do we worry so much about vehicle safety?

The vehicle safety issue may be that some of us feel fearful in smaller vehicles. But compared to riding a bicycle, when driving, we are more aggressive towards other occupants of the road, and when riding, that option is often removed.

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The number one reason I hear for purchasing an SUV for example is: I prefer to be higher; and the number two reason - I feel safer in a larger, higher vehicle. Some people appear to be interested in Cross Over Vehicles for fuel fuel efficiency with the added four wheel drive confort in bad weather.

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