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First, thank you to all RoyDrive student drivers. RoyDrive - describes this web site and a wealth of work experience with student drivers over many years in New York State. The purpose of the site is to encourage reluctant or anxious drivers to take the first step and get in the car. It is also intended to be a source of experienced information on how to take and pass the DMV road test. - is not just for visitors and student drivers who may not yet realize their own driving abilities and the real danger to themselves and others on the road. It is designed with current and future driving instructors in mind. We really hope that you find it useful and informative. The complexities of driving are many, and cannot all be resolved here, that is why driving lessons are irreplaceable.

RoyDrive : Your source for driving anxiety relief.

This website list over five pages dedicated to the topic of driving anxiety. If you have road testing anxiety or fear of driving an automobile, then RoyDrive is for you.

This web site is not currently an auto school. As such when you contact RoyDrive we can only advise or refer you to an appropriate driving school for any lessons. You may also contact me for individual - private lesson instructions.

If you have driving anxiety and are interested in taking some driving lessons, please do not do so with any relatives in the vehicle while the driving lessons is being given. This has never proven to be a productive means of addressing this issue.

Who is RoyDrive

You may be wondering what I was doing driving in these countries? Well, I will let you know if you are a student.

Yes, swamps, deserts, and woodlands. I even got chased by a wild boar once - long story.

When you are living in the woods for weeks at a time it may become necessary to repair your own vehicle. Just plastics and sheet metal in this case. No painting! Check out the sample pictures above.

Driving an automobile is a serious matter and must never be considered frivolously - such as calling a crash an accident. Drivers need to be trained to avoid crashes. RoyDrive attempts to train every student to respect every driver on the road as if they are our family member. Driving is not a means of expressing hidden aggression, nor is it a task to fear. Embrace it for the freedom it affords us and resist all other temptations so that you will stay alive.

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