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Take this Garden City Park fun quiz and be mentally ready to pass the test.

Objective: sharpen your road test knowledge - answer 7 Garden City Park questions correctly.

The Garden City Park road test knowledge readiness quiz.

FREEBIE: How far behind the other vehicle - online - should you stop your vehicle while waiting?
Stop so that you can see the rear tires.
About twenty feet.
Stop so that you can see the back bumper.
Stop where you can still see their rear view side mirrors.

2. Are there any commercial traffic in Garden City Park?
A - No, it's a residential neighborhood.
B - it does not matter, they all have wheels.
C - Yes, but only near the railroad tracks.
D - Yes, and they pass exactly where the road test starts on Boradway.

3. What do the roads look like in Garden City Park?
A - There are a lot of hills and its hard to see.
B - The roads are really wide and you can see everything clearly.
C - I heard it's the most difficult road test site.
D - The streets are narrow, with short blocks and multiple divided lanes on Nassau blvd.

4. How large is the road test site in Garden City Park?
A - It dosen't matter. The DMV examiner can take you anywhere they want.
B - It's only between Herricks road and Nassau blvd, but not on Jericho tpke.
C - It's about two miles wide otherwise people taking the test may have conflicts.
D - It's about a half mile in every direction, especially west on Broadway.

5. How fast is the speed limit here?
A - Your are not allowed to exceed 15 miles per hour.
B - You just have to know how to drive and they will pass you.
C - The speed limit is 30 miles per hour everywhere on this site.
D - That depends on the weather conditions!

6. How many traffic lights are there in Garden City Park?
A - There is only one traffic light.
B - There are two traffic lights and they are both on Broadway.

7. Do you have to change lanes in Garden city Park?
A - No, because Broadway is only one large lane in each direction.
B - Yes, on Nassau boulevard. That is why you are there.
C - No the roads here are too small for that so it is not an option.
D - Yes, when you get over to Jericho tpke.

8. Are the DMV examiners the same here as in Wantagh and Hicksville and Queens?
A - Yes, they rotate to and from the different sites based on some unknown DMV formula.
B - No, the examiners are assigned to specific road test sites only.
C - Yes, my sister had the same examiner in Hicksville last year.
D - No, they are the same people from the road test sites in Queens County.

9. How do you make a left turn at the lights in GCP?
A - That depends on whether you have a green light or red, right of way, visibility and traffic conditions.
B - Just go on green, you have the right of way.
C - If the green arrow goes off, wait for the next one to come.
D - The examiner will tell you when to go.

10. Where do you finish the road test in GCP?
A - At the same place that you started.
B - On the right side of the road next to BOCCIA.
C - Next to the side of the road where the Broadway Park is.
D - Wherever the examiner ask you to stop the vehicle.

The real objective here is to relieve any anxiety before you take the road test.