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Take this RoyDrive fun quiz and discover some things you never learned in Driver Ed.

Objective: sharpen your knowledge - answer 7 questions on driving correctly.

Driving and automobile knowledge quiz

WARM-UP: Which are the only two states that allow drivers to use their cell phones while driving?
Arizona and Montana.
Montana and Alabama.
Israel and Texas.
North Carolina and South Carolina.

2. Why is a Turnpike special?
A - It's not a highway.
B - It has no state police patrol.
C - It has traffic lights.
D - you have to pay for its use by tolls. So you need a license ( permission ) because it's private property.

3 How many ways can you stop an automobile from moving while driving it?
A - Only one - the foot brake.
B - Only 2, foot brake and parking brake.
C - Only three - foot/parking and gears.
D - Only four - foot brake/parking/gears and rub tires up against curb.

4. About how many times can you push the brake pedal (no engine power) before loosing pressure?
A - (1) One.
B - (2) Two.
C - It can't be done.
D - (3) Three times only before becomes really hard.

5. Condition: stopped school bus with flashing red lights at intersection and speed is 50 MPH. What to do?
A - Stop for the bus and hope that you do not get rear-ended.
B - Pass the bus because the situation is too dangerous.
C - Slowly stop - gradually forcing following traffic to slow also and move right if possible.
D - Honk you horn and wave left hand out the window in the stop position.

6. What should new drivers do with their cell phone on the first time out?
A - Take it with you.
B - Leave it at home and drive only where familiar.

7. How long can a vehicle be parked before it will not restart without a jump start?
A - I do not know
B - About one month - clock and computer drains battery.
C - One year - if the battery is new
D - That depends on how many cells are in the battery

8.Can you make a left turn on a red light if you drive on the right side of the road?
A - Never, you gota be crazy.
B - Yes, if it is a flashing red light.
C - No you will have a head on crash.
D - Yes if it's a one-way into a one-way street.

9. What do the letters SEL, SL, GL, GLE, SE, ROGUE, Pathfinder, Avalon, etc means?
A - You are not supposed to know that.
B - Heck, it does not matter.
C - The different vehicle edition.
D - Something about the engine.

10. What is the tire pressure sensor threshold that causes the light to come on?
A - 10 PSI on most vehicles.
B - 15 PSI.
C - 20 PSI.
D - 28 PSI on most vehicles.

The real objective here is to relieve any anxiety before you leave.