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Take this anxiety relief quiz before the DMV road test.

Anxiety questions and answers - a quiz for relaxing your mind.

This quiz should make you say: WOW, I never knew that!

WARM-UP: Which issue listed below best describes your reason for viewing this page?
Stress - pressure resulting in irritability and feeling tense.
Excitement - rapid heart rate, burst of energy, jumpy stomach.
Depression - life is threatening and I lost hope that I cannot cope or control it.
Anxiety - I feel obsessive threats or thaughts that I cannot control - driving.

2. Stress progresses in a specific order. What is the correct order?
alarm, resistance, exhaustion
resistance, alarm, exhaustion
resistance, exhaustion, alarm
exhaustion, alarm, resistance

3. What is happening inside our bodies when we are experiencing driving anxiety?
Sympathetic nervous system activation.
Internal organs ready for fight or flight, stronger, more mental activity.
Endocrine system - nuerotransmitter flow increase.
All of the above.

4. What can you do to suffocate long term stress such as anxiety?
See a psychologist.
Get in the car and drive anyway.
Never drive anywhere that you are not familar with.
Realize a sense of control and ability to cope in driving situations.

5. What do you feel when you are excited about someone you love or an important event?

6. Does excitement about an event feel different compared to driving anxiety?
Yes, it feels different. You may have driving anxiety.
No, the feeling is the same - only the stimulus is different. These feelings are normal you are simply a bit anxious about driving. Excitement and anxiety share the same pathways.

7. Which answer best determines my susceptibility for driving anxiety?
my harmones
my genes
my DNA
my parents

8. Make a list of issues that cause you to feel anxious now. If possible, perform your anxious tasks, and then choose how you feel from the list below. How are you feeling now?
I feel more in control.
I am feeling much more excited now.
The stress is gone because I expunged the tense feelings after writing them out.
I understand what to do and can cope with the anxiety.

9. Why do you fear driving an automobile?
I do not understand the rules.
I have never done it before.
I am afraid to get lost and not be able to get back home.
I may do something wrong and others will honk at me for that.

10. Why do you want to drive now?
I want the freedom and independence it provides.
The stress and anxiety I feel can no longer be an anchor to my needs.
I know a driving instructor who can help me.
I can control events in my life by utilizing the right coping skills.

The real objective here is to relieve any anxiety before you leave.