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This page shows information on Long Island and NYC driving crash data.

New drivers vs experienced and licensed drivers

Teaching new drivers how to handle an automobile, watch the signs, and drive safely is only the beginning. We have to constantly look out for experienced drivers attempting to pass student drivers from the wrong side of the road. The aggressive driver usually begins by tailgating, then honking their horn, followed a few seconds later by passing into oncoming traffic.

Suggestions for how to avoid a traffic crash.

First, if you are young enough and able to take Driver Education at a high school, please do so. All students in the driver education program learn how to SIPDE - Search, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Exceute. As you drive constantly SEARCH your surrounding for anything moving or non-moving that you should be alert of. Next, Idendify the most immediate threat or danger in your search zone. Now PREDICT how much you reasonably think that driver, pedestrian, animal or road hazard may endanger you - given your direction of travel. After you have clearly extablished that the greatest danger is an alarming issue that has you on alert, DECIDE what you can safely do about it. This is where many drivers get into trouble because they often wait too long to react. Now EXECUTE your defensive decision and avoid the problem that you SIPDE'd.

Automobile Accidents

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