Wantagh road test tips - There is no DMV office here.

Tips on how to pass your New York State DMV road test in Wantagh

wantagh test siet

(A) Try to arrive early. There is often a long line, and you may spend about a half hour in-line before getting to the front. Be advised that although there is a line, everyone has the same time for the test. Do not be later than ten to fifteen minutes. If you forget your original documents such as MV-278 or MV-262 for testing, you will have to reschedule the test.

(B) One of the DMV personnel, the chief examiner, will check your documents before the test begins. You may change drivers after that, but do not leave the student driver alone in the car.

(1) STARTING: When leaving the curb, perform the routine as normal, but be sure to leave when it is safe, not just because the examiner says go.Wantagh Start Line

(2) After you have left the curb successfully, you will be asked to turn right or left one block ahead. This is a turn to execute correctly. If going right, be sure both lanes are empty, because a left turn may be requested just as you pass under the bridge half a block ahead.

(3) When you are making a left turn, it will be the same as any other left turn without a turn arrow. You should know how to do this already. After turning, look ahead. The two lanes are now becoming only one. Be careful on the merge, you may have the right of way according to the sign, but remember you are there to pass the exam, so yield if necessary. The test is only about ten minutes and no more the fifteen.

(3b) You will probably be asked to make a right turn ahead. The residential street is divided by a grass island. Be sure to turn on the right side.

(4) After you have completed the turns, lane change, parallel park, curb stop, and three point turn successfully, you will be on your way back to where you started. Do not cut off other drivers on the return drive.

(5) After you curb stop and place the vehicle in park the examiner will inform you if you passed or failed the road test.


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