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Take this RoyDrive Wantagh fun quiz and be mentally ready to pass the test.

GARDEN CITY PARK - Nassau County - New York - DMV road test site information and tips

The Wantagh road test knowledge readiness quiz.

FREEBIE: How far behind the other vehicle - online - should you stop your vehicle while waiting?
Stop so that you can see the rear tires.
about twenty feet.
Stop so that you can see the back bumper.
stop where you can still see their rear view side mirrors.

How many lanes of traffic are there on Jerusalem avenue?
A - There are only two (2) lanes of traffic.
B - There is only one lane where you begin the test.
C - It has traffic lights.
D - There are four lanes two on each side divided by a grass medium and yellow lines.

3 If you are making a right turn on red, how much space should you allow after stopping?
A - Allow about three car lenghts just like when changing lanes.
B - Go if the oncoming driver waves you in front of them.
C - Wait for the green light and go when other vehicles have stopped.
D - Allow about one block (100 feet) if they are not speeding and you can respond on time.

4. How large is the road test site in Wantagh?
A - It's as big as the DMV examiner wants it to be.
B - Wantagh is small so you can't go very far.
C - That depends on the weather conditions.
D - It's about ten blocks East, West, North and South

5. If the DMV examiners catch you practicing in the test area, what can be the results?
A - They cannot know if I am practicing there. I am not a driving school.
C - The under cover agent will take your permit ticket and fine you.
D - They will copy your plate number, refuse the test and possible suspension when you get on line.
D - Nothing. My permit is mine and they cannot take it away!

6. How many lanes go under the highway bridge on Jerusalem avenue?
A - There is only one lane.
B - There are two (2) lanes on each side.

7. Geographahically, what does Wantagh look like?
A - It is really narrow and curvy.
B - It is very flat and the roads are wide.
C - There are lots of hills and you cannot see clearly.
D - There is a lot of traffic and changing lanes is difficult.

8. How many traffic lights are there in the Wantagh test site?
A - There are no lights there so it's easy.
B - It does not matter I understand how to stop correctly.
C - There are lights but not on the road test course.
D - There are only two lights and they sometimes have a green arrow.

9. How do you make a left turn at the lights in Wantagh?
A - That depends on whether you get a green arrow or a green light, visibility and traffic conditions.
B - Just go on green, you have the right of way.
C - If the green arrow goes off, wait for the next one to come.
D - The examiner will tell you when to go.

10. Where do you finish the road test in wantagh?
A - At the same place that you started.
B - On the right side of the road.
C - In the parking lot next the the circle.
D - Where ever the examiner ask you to stop the vehicle.

The real objective here is to relieve any anxiety before you take the road test.