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Testimonials - what our student drivers have said about the Driving Instructor

Joslyn - Here is a classic case of a college student who waited too long to get a drivers license. This was especially a problem since she was commuting by bus and friends..

Joslyn college student

Sister Mary - When a student travels twenty miles by train for twenty sessions of driving lessons with RoyDrive, that is really special. RoyDrive has worked with four Nuns, two priests, and one Rabbi. See below.. Jan. 2013

Sister/professor Was anxious student

Nihonjin - You may recognize this name as just being "a Japanese person", but one of RoyDrive's specialities is working with foreign students. RoyDrive does speak and understand: Japanese, Spanish, and some German and Russian.

Kenji Japanese student

Lia - had experienced some regrettable trauma in her life. It became necessary for her to get a license, so she reached out to RoyDrive for some gentle ways to get the job done.

Lia Zoras Was anxious student

Heather - It goes a little like this: " I did not have time to take driver education in school, so I took a couple lessons with another driving instructor which did not go well." Now listen to her audio testimonial.

Heather P. Student

Viveene I got a car and make sure I use everything you taught me. All of us (4) passed our road test yayaya! I hope your holiday was good! and that your new year has started off great! I miss you alot. I love you!

Viveen Driver Ed. Student

This ability to instill confidence in me is especially noteworthy, as RoyDrive very much helped me to deal with my fear of being behind the wheel. His Careful instructions paid off, as I passed my Road Test the first time, within the necessary 4 weeks timeframe.

Sister Mary, Anxious Student

Mr. and Mrs. S RoyDrive, thank you so much for your instruction and time today with Michael - we really feel you gave him the confidence he needed . Happy Thanksgiving. Sue, Phil, and Michael S. ( card )

Jacquelyn B,Anxious Student

Jacquelyn B. - took and failed a road test a couple of months before we started practicing. She was definitely uncomfortable with the idea of driving an automobile, but despite that feeling she was willing to practice with me on a snowy winter day. That was all I needed to know.

Jacquelyn B., Student

Thank you for all the driving lessons you have given me these past few months. all of the tips and tricks are greatly appreciated! Sincerely,

Sarina C., Driver Education

Please don't be insulted says Ryan, but why do you teach driving? You are one of the smartest people that I know.

Ryan,Student 2015

Margarita. This testimony is completely in Spanish - Argentina

Magarita, Student