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Issues to look for before restricting a senior drivers license

Here are some indicators for when it may be necessary to restrict a senior drivers license.

Please be aware that the typical senior driver is not a dangerous driver despite the characterization of being too slow. Seniors often drive slow because of the obvious - they are seniors, therefore, safety, getting there and back, are their most important concerns. image Please be aware that the issues listed below are suggestions and does not apply to all seniors. Also be sure to read RoyDrive's Terms of Use before continuing.

If you identify the following issues with your senior driver, then it is time to recommend a driving evaluation.

(1) --- Unexplained dents and dings - some that go unrepaired.
(2) --- Repeated requests to park vehicle or back out.
(3) --- Difficulty identifying proximity to home such as common roads and intersections.
(4) --- Unrealized drifting in and out of lanes and across lines even when being passed.
(5) --- Any confusion about traffic light status: green/red/yellow etc.
(6) --- Not reacting to Red light appropriately - too late.
(7) --- Unable to enter or exit vehicle without aid.
(8) --- Begins to use a walker even while getting to the vehicle and getting out.
(9) --- Uses hands to assist legs into and out of vehicle.
(10) --- Any confusion between brake/gas pedals including selecting the correct gears.
(11) --- Any sudden change in confidence (anxiety) and control or difficulty seeing at night.
(12) --- Not realizing rights of way as evidenced by traffic tickets or police request for DMV retest.
(13) --- Getting lost close to home.
(14) --- Difficulty changing lanes - unable to resolve blind spot issues.
(15) --- Frequent at fault accidents when backing or turning.
(16) --- Begins to take medications for stroke after falls and therapy with physicians.
(17) --- Avoids signaling because stroke on left side weakened left arm.
(18) --- A recent change in eye glass prescription and one eye is much weaker or stronger than the other.