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Ok, now that you are ready for the road test, get your tips here.

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Here is how to be sure that you are road test ready!

Are you having difficulty executing turns left and right? Any over or under steering must be corrected. Are you aware how far or close to the curb you are while turning? Which lane should you end up in and do you drive across any lines? The timing of the turn is important also. Are you cutting anyone off or turning while another lane is occupied? These are the number one reasons for test failures.

Do you understand how to leave the curb correctly - really? Do you know what that means?

(2) Avoid taking your SUV if you have one. It is enough to say that these drivers have a greater failure rate.

Do not obsess about parallel parking. It is not a big deal when you understand how to fix it and remember to look behind you. Do not just stare in the mirrors or backup camera! Yes, if you hit the curb that could be a problem. Generally, you should not be hitting anything with your vehicle. However, some people knowingly touch the curb. Then there is the issue of winter - when the curb is not so obvious.

You must look behind - over your right shoulder - when backing up for the parallel park or three point turn even if your vehicle is equipped with backup camera.

The three point turn (3p.t) is more important than parallel parking in many ways. Fortunately most people do not forget how to execute this maneuver as necessary; some do forget to look in the correct places though. Do not enter driveways to complete this maneuver. When sitting crossways you have the right to finish first, but be very aware of other drivers attempting to pass.

Like all good students who make themselves teachable, for the road test you need to be cooperative and ready to execute the examiners requests. Do no argue if the examiner says that you failed to do something correctly, such as checking the blind spot. This will surely make the situation worse for you. If you fail, do not be angry at the examiner. A failure may be an indicator of your future driving. If you fail, do not quit, practice and do not wait an excessively long time before trying again. If you failed three times or more, get a driving instructor. Good luck, but most importantly, be prepared!

The over-all complexity of lane changing cannot be completely stated here. That is why driving lessons are sometimes necessary.

The official road test time is fifteen minutes, actual time when passing is about ten minutes.