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This Cunningham Park quiz gets you mentally ready to pass the road test.

Objective: sharpen your road test knowledge - answer 7 Cunningham Park questions correctly.

The Cunningham Park road test knowledge readiness quiz.

FREEBIE: How far behind the other vehicle - online - should you stop your vehicle while waiting?
Stop so that you can see the rear tires.
About twenty feet.
Stop so that you can see the back bumper.
Stop where you can still see their rear view side mirrors.

How many lanes of traffic are there on Union tpke?
A - There are only two (2) lanes of traffic.
B - There is only one lane where you begin the test.
C - It has traffic lights.
D - There are eight lanes. four on each side divided by a concrete - grass medium and yellow lines.

3. Can you make a right turn on red here?
A - Yes, so long as you stop completely first.
B - No. Your cannot make right turn on red in Queens - New York City.
C - Yes. Just be sure to turn from the right lane.
D - No, unless the sign says: right turn on red allowed after stop.

4. How large is the road test site in Cunningham Park?
A - It's as big as the DMV examiner wants it to be.
B - Cunningham Park is small so you can't go very far.
C - That depends on the weather conditions.
D - It's about a half mile between Union tpke, Bell blvd, and 73rd Ave.

5. If the DMV examiners catch you practicing in the test area, what can be the results?
A - They cannot know if I am practicing there. I am not a driving school.
C - The under cover agent will take your permit ticket and fine you.
D - They will copy your plate number, refuse the test and possible suspension when you get on line.
D - Nothing. My permit is mine and they cannot take it away!

6. How many light are there in the road test site?
A - There is only one light on Union and Hollis but you never go there.
B - Most road test students never go up to Union tpke but be ready for it and a possible lane change.

7. Geographahically, what does Cunningham Park look like?
A - It is really narrow and curvy.
B - It is a little hilly with narrow roads and some vehicles are parked close to the end of the blocks.
C - There are lots of hills and you cannot see clearly.
D - There is a lot of traffic and changing lanes is difficult.

8. Are there any one-way streets here?
A - Yes, this is the city - you should expect one-way streets
B - No, they don't have those on road test courses.
C - Don't know, just watch the signs.
D - No, but be aware and there is a dead end street that you may use.

9. How do you parallel park on a hill?
A - If you are facing down the hill use gas.When facing up the hill use brake. Simple - yes.
B - Place on foot on the brake and one on the gas.
C - Let the car roll back by itself when facing up the hill.
D - Tell the DMV examiner you cannot park on a hill just like blocking a driveway.

10. Where do you finish the road test in cunningham Park?
A - Finish on the right side of the road where you started.
B - Next to the curb like everywhere else.
C - Somewhere on Hollis Hills Ter.
D - You will finish inside the parking lot next to where you started.

The real objective here is to relieve any anxiety before you take the road test.