Nassau County School Speed Camera loc/address.

Pedestrians Police June 29, 2015

Many of the new cameras can be very small and just like police radar, will definately detect your vehicle speed long before your can see them.

Here are some school camera location and Addresses.

Speed Limit Enforced by Photo/Video.

Would it not be interesting if a camera -radar detector - was allowed to be sold.

The Driving Instructor

Camera Tags
Glen Cove High School Port Washington Great Neck Glen Cove Plainedge Plainview Plainview/Old Bethpag East Meadow Elmont Franklin Square Farmingdale Hicksville Hempstead Long Beach Lynbrook Merrick Massapequa Malverne North Merrick Roosevelt Seaford Syosset Westbury Oceanside Valley Stream

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Even More - Some cameras double as neighborhood watch and do not issue tickets.

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Old style speed cameras

23 Feb. 2015, 9:55

These cameras produces a bright flash when activated. Newer cameras may not flash .

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Warning Speed Zone

29 Feb. 2015, 9:55

You are entering a school zone. Speed limit is 20mph You will be ticket after 11 miles over.

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Example of new cameras

22 June 2015, 9:55

These newer cameras no not flash, plus they are mounted to be activated from both directions.

Other Resources and Info

29 June 2014, 9:55

There are no guarantee on this but the speed cameras will ticket drivers exceeding 11 (eleven) miles per hour or greater over the posted speed limit.

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