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How can we avoid reckless or aggressive driving, and road-rage.

Driving allows us freedom of movement, independence, and even a sense of love for driving.

After the student has mastered vehicle control, and is able to safely respond to all traffic signs - including the unexpected, and control devices, the next phase in the evolution of driving can be the most difficult and many people never attain the personal quality that is a psychological state of mind: Self control.

The topic on this page is completely attuned to the issues of reckless driving, careless driving, aggressive driving, and road rage. I have outlined the various ticket able offences including road rage here due to the fact most drivers and pedestrians when uncertain of the laws simply summarizes all VTL violations, including crash road incidents as Road-Rage. It should be emphasized again that road rage is a specific driving behavior that results or culminates in intentional damage to property, persons, and or the vehicles involved.

For example, I once witnessed two young men using an anti - theft device used around the steering wheel to assault an old man as they exited the highway by breaking out the old man's vehicle windows as he slowly drove along unsure what to do about the situation he was in. That was road rage.

Someone giving the finger on the road does not constitute road rage; neither is the driver that may have angered you by swerving in and out of traffic as some motorcycles riders can be seen doing.

Angry or aggressive drivers often give some indication that they are not willing to cooperate or share the public roads with another driver by first: tailgating and driving left of center. Next, the driver will honk the horn, typically one long honk. Watch out for the raised hands pointing upwards and gesturing. Finally, the aggressive driver - seeing an opening will attempt to pass into oncoming traffic while exceeding the speed limit and veering back in front of the past vehicle too early.

If the aggressive driver after passing another vehicle from the wrong side of the road hits the brake after passing the other vehicle unnecessarily, the situation has now escalated to the possibility of road rage.

Careless/Reckless Driving

This type of driver is not intent on causing you injury or harm, but their actions are contributing to some possible danger to other drivers and themselves. These drivers may not be aware of the consequences of their own actions. It's ok kindly ask this driver if everything is ok?

Aggressive driving

This type of driver is not careless, but the driver is bordering on escalating their state of mind - aggression and speed, to the next level: road rage. Do not respond to an aggressive driver's actions, that driver will move on and leave you in peace.

Road rage driving

This type of driver has a premeditated disposition to intentionally cause harm or injury to another specific driver on the road. As such, the driver may use their vehicle or any available objects - even coins as a weapon. chasing down or following the other driver and engaging in a physical confrontation exemplifies road rage.


If you find yourself involved in any of the situations as stated above here are some suggestions for how to handle them:

First remember why you are on the road in the first place - you are going to a destination for a reason. As in all split decisions such as these, human emotion will always override rationale. So being that as it is, think about all the people who loves you and those that you truly love. If you are an aggressive driver, stop thinking about yourself. This behavior is all about ego and simple self reflection or kinds words from a passenger sitting next to the aggressive driver should squash this driving behavior quickly.
Just like all crimes, road - rage is not something that we can resolve here. This is because this behavior is not necessarily caused from driving an automobile. This individual is already angry and is using the automobile as a vehicle of anonymity for expressing suppressed anger! Always avoid this type of driver in every way possible, including stopping somewhere safe, but avoid speeding up since an aggressive driver is more likely to speed also. If the driver who is the victim stops and the perpetrator also stops, then the victim should be sure to lock all doors and windows, and call the police. Do not engage in any conversation in situations of road - rage.

Some of this information provided here is common sense, however these driving situations occur every day, so it is worth repeating in order to more permanently imprint the point.